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Dangers of booking a cruise at the last minute

I spoke with someone today about the option of booking a cruise at the last minute.

Unfortunately, many people believe that if they wait until a week or so before their cruise sails they will get a steal of a deal.

Perhaps, but…

The fact of the matter is that the same person who wants to save a few pennies is exactly the same person who wants the perfect cabin!

You know, midship and not TOO close to the elevator but not 7 miles away from the buffet!

That so-called “perfect cabin” was sold 2 years ago!

With more and more repeat cruisers, many people know that cabin 8341 is 20 square feet larger than every other cabin on deck 8 and it’s midship and it’s the most perfect cabin on the entire ship!

My wife Marty enjoying the Captain’s Suite on the Carnival Sunshine!

So go ahead, wait until the last minute to book your cruise to save a few pennies, but remember, all bets are off.

Chances are you will be on the bottom deck of the ship right next to the anchor, or right above the main show lounge, or very close to a nightclub, or underneath the aft Lido deck where you will hear crew members moving deck chairs at 3:00 a.m.

Better yet, contact me at least 6 months before you sail and let me get a great cabin for you.

You will be much happier during your cruise!

A very, very close friend told me, “You don’t always get what you pay for, but don’t expect something that you didn’t pay for!” 


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