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Cruise passenger complains about food waste

TheCruiseGenius with John Heald

The one thing I love about cruising, besides it reminding me of my Navy days, is the unlimited food! The other day, “B” complained on the Facebook wall of Carnival cruise line Senior cruise director and Brand Ambassador John Heald about food waste.

“Name: B—-

Message: Carnival must stop allowing its passengers to order more than one item off the menu. We were on the Magic last week for NYE. We had a blast and the NYE Party was awesome. The only negative comment was after watching the glutens at our table and on other tables order lots of appetizers and main courses and leaving large portions each time uneaten.

I was talking to one of the waiters. He told us that 2 1/2 tons is the average waste of food on the 7 nights. I think of all the poor people who would kill just for a bite or two.

One thing Carnival can do is to stop allowing people to order as much as they want unless any extra dish is charged for. That would stop the food wasters.

“John Heald’s response:

Well I am sure food is wasted on most cruise lines because sometimes our eyes are bigger than our belly or in my case bellies

However, I do agree that there is food waste and yep, it is sad to see and we really want to do better, we really do.

Or is there. I wonder if there is anything we can do, maybe you have a suggestion and let me ask you then. Do you agree, should we limit everyone to one order for an appetiser, salad, main course and dessert and charge for extras?

Thoughts please


What’s interesting to me is that another “poster” said that this exchange was just a prelude to Carnival limiting, and then charging for extra portions!

If you’ve sailed on Carnival, you know that years ago, servings of bacon was unlimited during your first visit to the buffet.  At some point, the server behind the glass was directed to limit the amount of bacon served. We can postulate that someone at Carnival corporate, (probably an accountant!) saw how much the cost of bacon skyrocketed, and gave orders to save money. Keep in mind that was PRE-COVID!

What are your thoughts regarding food waste on cruises, and do you believe this is a pre-cursor to changes at Carnival?

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  1. Do you really think this was a real letter? Too many “letters” on his FB page are just too phony so it is hard to take his posts seriously. I only stay on that page to wait for actual news releases. That said, no, not a precursor to limits on food requests. But, smaller portions and meals is called for indeed.

  2. Honestly as a cruiser I agree that the ordering in the MDR SHOULD be limited to one per person, that is more than enough food, and if they’re still hungry after that there are plenty of options on the Lido decks, buffet, pizza, Guy’s burgers, Blue Iguana Cantina, etc….

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