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Choosing your cabin on a cruise ship


When you book a cruise, you may be considering the ports of call, the ship and the price, but the most difficult decision you will make is choosing your cabin on a cruise ship.

We all know the price is the main factor in choosing a cabin, but keep in mind that your cabin will be your dwelling during your cruise, no matter how short or how long your cruise will be.

Inside cabin
Inside cabin

If you are going on the cheap, an inside cabin will be your choice. The average inside cabin on Carnival ships is about 185 square feet. While there is adequate storage, you will be in tight quarters! If you tend to spend most of your time in your cabin during your cruise, you’ve been warned.

Ocean view cabin
Ocean view cabin

If you’re afraid of the dark, an ocean view cabin is an economical choice. You will hear the waves outside, and who knows, you may even see a dolphin swim by your porthole! These cabins are also “compact”, so don’t expect it’s like your living room at home!

Balcony Cabin
Balcony cabin

If you’re really looking for a great cruise experience, especially if you’re sailing to Alaska, a balcony cabin is amazing! Nothing beats your private balcony while reading a booking, looking at the ocean or taking a break from your roommate! Check out this video of my wife Marty on our balcony during our Carnival Dream cruise:

The suite life

If you have some major coin in your bank account, you can live the suite life on your next cruise. The cabins are huge, the balconies are more spacious, and you won’t be tripping over each other in a suite! Keep in mind the cost of your daily gratuities may increase if you move up to a suite.

Captain’s Suite
Captain’s Suite

If you’re looking for the ultimate cruise experience, the Captain’s Suite on a Carnival ship is truly breathtaking! The cabin is 500 square feet and the balcony is 200 square feet. You have an extra bathroom and a walk-in closet!

Check out my video of the Captain’s Suite during our Carnival Sunshine cruise:

Any choice you make, I can assure you that you will have a blast on your Carnival cruise!

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