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Carnival Liberty Cruise Experience

Carnival Liberty
The Cruise Genius on the Carnival Liberty Feb 25, 2022

I’m happy to say that I just returned from a 3 day cruise on the Carnival Liberty. After two years of not cruising, my wife Marty and I had a blast on the Carnival Liberty.

Let me begin by talking about the COVID testing process 48 hours before sailing.

2 days before sailing, I went to a local COVID testing location near my home. I received a hand signed form letter stating my antigen COVID test came back negative. The next morning, I received an email from the lab stating that both the antigen and PCR test came back negative.

Unfortunately, I took my wife for her COVID test just 24 hours prior to sailing! She received a hand signed form letter stating her antigen COVID test came back negative.

When we checked in at Terminal 3 in Port Canaveral, the agent wouldn’t accept the hand signed negative COVID test results. She insisted on seeing the email from the lab stating the tests came back negative.

I made a call to the lab, and boom, they immediately emailed me the results of my wife’s COVID test! The good news was that Marty didn’t have to wait in the long line to receive a COVID test at Terminal 3!

Park N Cruise
Park N Cruise, Port Canaveral

Instead of spending the extra money to park at Terminal 3, I chose to park at ParkNCruise.  

The parking site is a few minutes from the port at Exit 52. The staff warmly greeted us, took our bags to the shuttle, and took great care of our car during our cruise. The clean restrooms were a welcomed sight after our drive from Jacksonville! The shuttle picked us up within 20 minutes after getting off the ship!

Terminal 3, Port Canaveral
Terminal 3

As I mentioned previously, Marty and I boarded the Carnival Liberty via the new Terminal 3 at Port Canaveral. The staff was friendly and professional. There were lots of check-in stations and metal detectors which made checking in a breeze.

Marty and I spent our cruise in cabin 2703 which was an 185 square foot inside cabin. We had plenty of storage space and the location was perfect!

The crew of the Carnival Liberty was genuinely happy to see the guests! The food throughout the ship was great, the service was a 10, the ship was spotless and the seas were calm!


When my wife and I cruised, we had to wear our masks indoors, but as of March 1st, masks are recommended indoors, but not mandated.

We didn’t get off the ship in Nassau, but we did hit the gym!

In conclusion, I would like to thank the amazing crew of the Carnival Liberty for a great cruise vacation!

Carnival Liberty
Marty enjoying the Carnival Liberty

Book your reservation at ParkNCruise: https://parkncruiseportcanaveral.com/



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