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Biometric kiosks approved for Cancun airport

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I’ve had the opportunity to travel through the Cancun airport many times over the past two years. I remember that a few times, I breezed through immigration in less than 15 minutes, but once or twice it took about 30 minutes for me to get past immigration and head towards a Palladium Hotel Group resort. I’ve just learned that biometric kiosks have been approved for the Cancun airport, which should speed up the process!

TheCancun.com is reporting, “Mexican lawmakers approved new check-in kiosks that will help immigration officials with new technology. The main goal is to reduce lines for tourists traveling to Mexico.

The Mexican Senate approved a law to help officials from the Mexican Institute of Immigration (INM) check the entry and exit of foreign travelers. The idea is to make this process easier when checking documents using automated technological tools.

This project was presented to the Senate by the Committee on Border and Immigration Affairs and was approved by a unanimous vote. They stressed the importance of modernizing this by using information technologies.

“With this new law, our immigration agents will be supported with automated technological tools to check the entry and exit of national and foreign travelers. This way, Mexico will keep up with modern technology. This will also speed up and automate the immigration process of travelers arriving in the country.”

The senator mentioned that the new kiosks would include biometrics, which has proven to be an efficient control tool in checkpoints. This technology is already being used in other countries like Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, Russia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.”

I’m very glad to hear that Cancun will be getting this technology soon and I feel confident it will make the travel experience 100% better in the very near future.

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