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5 reasons why a cruise vacation beats a land-based vacation!

Now that summer is upon us, the kids will be asking you about the family vacation!

Sure, land-based amusement parks are great, but here are 5 reasons you should consider a cruise vacation!



1) Nearby. If you live in Florida, you are probably only a few hours drive away from a cruise port! You can leave from Jacksonville, Port Canaveral, Tampa, Miami or Fort Lauderdale! Don’t take it for granted that it’s a few hours drive! Many cruise passengers fly from New York, the MidWest or even from overseas to enjoy a cruise vacation from Florida!




2) Family friendly! One of the best things about a cruise is that the ship covers all the bases from seniors to babies! Ethyl and George will enjoy a a pre-dinner cocktail in one of the many bars, Mom and Dad will enjoy the adults-only serenity area, casino and shopping while the kids will have a blast in the kids club! Boom!



3) The food. Yup. When you consider a land-based vacation, food ain’t cheap! When you’re on a cruise, most of the food (except in the specialty restaurants) is 100% free! Little Timmy can eat all the chicken nuggets he can eat, little Brittany can eat 100 ice cream cones a day, and Mom and Dad can have an intimate romantic dinner in the steak house! (Don’t forget to grab a Guy’s burger on most Carnival ships!)



4) Unpacking only once. You just can’t beat it that you wake up in a different port, especially on those longer cruises; Bonaire, Curacao, Aruba, St Thomas, San Juan. The list can go on and on. Even on those shorter cruises you can enjoy Nassau and even the award winning private island Half Moon Cay!



5) Total Relaxation. During the duration of the cruise, you won’t have to cook, clean, take out the trash, empty the kitty litter box, make the bed, answer the phone or set your alarm clock for work the next day. In addition, you can go to the gym to keep your blood pumping because you want to make sure you don’t gain weight on the cruise!


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