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Loud noise triggers confusion at Cancún airport in Mexico

Cancun Airport
Cancun Airport

I’ve traveled safely through the Cancun airport many times, but today news reports stated that a loud noise triggered confusion at the Cancun airport in Mexico.

CBSNews.com is reporting, “A loud noise triggered a stampede Monday at the international airport in Mexico’s popular tourist destination of Cancún. The country’s National Guard said there was no evidence that gunshots were fired, and the noise could have been a tourist tipping over some signs, according to Reuters.

The national guard was investigating the incident, according to Reuters.

CBS News producer Guy Campanile, who was at the airport during the commotion, told CBS News Radio the disturbance sent hundreds scrambling.

Elderly tourists were knocked down and small children were separated from adults, Campanile reports. Several people appeared to suffer injuries from being trampled, he said.”

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