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Interested in an EDM theme cruise? Check out The Groove Cruise!

The Cruise Genius with EDM Superstar Darude

Many of us have been on cruise after cruise after cruise. The same old ports of call with either lots of seniors (Holland America Line) or lots of unruly kids (Carnival, NCL or Royal Caribbean). A theme cruise is a great way to break a bad habit!

Scott and Marty enjoying another Holland America Line cruise

What if I told you their were lots of theme cruises (mostly adults only) where everyone is enjoying a specific theme?


With Groove Cruise founder Jason Beukema of Whet Travel. An amazing friend

Jason has been quoted as saying, “I cruised with my family several times and found cruising to be a bit boring. I wanted to have a fun experience with top music artists and like minded people. I started in 2004 with a group of 125 friends to achieve just that. Whet means to excite and it’s the core of everything we do and who we are. My mission was to excite lives by creating extraordinary experiences that connect communities to their passions.”

It only took a few short years for Jason to begin chartering entire cruise ships and boom, The Groove Cruise was founded.

Check out this interview with Jason:

The Story Behind Groove Cruise’s Founder – Jason Beukema

I was honored to sail on Groove Cruise XI in 2015, and it changed my life forever.

I was sitting alone at a table on the Lido deck eating some food when a guy walked up to me with a foreign accent. He said, “Hey man, can I join you?” I said, “Sure, pull up a chair.”

He replied, “I am Nidal from Paris.”

The next moment, another guy walks up with an accent.

“Hey bro’s, can I sit here?”

Nidal says, “Yeah bro!”

I said, “Where ya from man?”

He said, “Hello, I am Mitchell from Germany.”

I sat there in amazement like we were ambassadors from the United Nations!

I asked the guys, “What brings you on the Groove Cruise from so far away?”

At the exact same time, they both exclaimed, “The music!”

My friend Rocky who was on the cruise with me explains the Groove Cruise this way, “Imagine going to a family reunion and meeting relatives you’ve never met.”

That’s precisely the experience you get from The Groove Cruise and other theme cruises.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the Star Trek cruise, the Blake Shelton and friends cruise or a Christian music cruise.

You meet new family members you never thought you had on a theme cruise.

Thanks Jason.









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