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Day 1, Carnival Fascination, Monday, Jan 6th 2014

It’s great to be back on the Jacksonville, Fl based Carnival Fascination!
Marty and I are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary on Tuesday, Jan 7th during our at sea day before we arrive in Key West on Wednesday.
Usually boarding the Fascination is very quick, however today we experienced a couple of delays.
The ship came in late, so instead of boarding at our usual time of about 11:00 am or so, we arrived at JaxPort around noon.
I packed my power strip in my carry on bag. A good friend of mine suggested that I shouldn’t pack it in my checked baggage because he had done so on one of his previous cruises and it was confiscated.
I don’t know about you, but I carry several electronics with me on cruises including my iPad, cell phone, rechargeable batteries, etc., and with only one electrical outlet in the cabin, that’s just not enough POWAHHH! (Power). A power strip is a life saver!
So I took his advice and boom, the guy looking at screen at the X-ray machine motioned to one of his colleagues! I felt like Jason Bourne going through security at a foreign airport!
Next thing you know, a VERY friendly and professional security person said, “Excuse me sir, may I look through your bag?” I replied, “of course, SIR!”
As a Navy veteran, I have a lot of respect for those in law enforcement and security protecting our way of life.
So Mr. Security (I’ll call him Jack Bauer) starts looking at Marty’s 12 or 13 Vera Bradley make up bags inside our carry on bag, then he discovers the dreaded power strip!
So, Jack Bauer smiles, shows it to the eagle eye manning the X-ray machine.
They both nod to each other.
My power strip is returned and all is well. Jack Bauer says,  “Thank You Sir” and shakes my hand. “Have a great cruise sir!”
I replied, “THANK YOU SIR!”
That took a total of 15 minutes.
Next stop was the check in desk. Boom. 5 minutes and done.
Next we walked right to the place where you have your picture taken before you board.
Snap. Done.
Then right over to have our Sail and Sign scanned.
Scanned. Done.
Walked right up to the ship for one more ID check and we were on the Carnival Fascination!
Up to deck 10 for some food.
As we were walking in the Coconut Grove Buffet, I recognized my Matre’d from my Sept 2013 cruise!
We said hi to each other and he said hi to Marty.
He said, “Just two?” I said yes. “Do you want early dining?” Again, “Yes”.
He asked our stateroom number.
He immediately retrieved his phone in his pocket (Marty and I were assigned late dining, but we prefer early dining).
He called someone and loudly said, “Mr and Mrs. Lara, Cabin R163, put them in MY dining room, early seating, table for two!”
Marty and I said thank you very much!
As we walked away, Marty smiled at me and said, “Winning!”
By that time our cabin was ready!
We walked in and our room was incredibly adorned with tons of anniversary decorations!
Well, Marty and I are enjoying our day at sea today. More soon.
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