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Cancun tourists can now access high quality Telemedicine

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I’ve been in the home health industry for over 25 years. Recently, and mostly because of COVID-19, telehealth and telemedicine have drastically increased. Veterans through the VA receive care via telehealth, large hospitals and home health agencies have also adopted this amazing technology. Now tourists in Cancun have the opportunity to benefit from this technology also!

We’ve all read that many tourists get sick on vacation, but when you’re in another country, who can you trust for affordable, high quality care?

I recently met Ana Laura Valencia, CEO and Founder of Telemed Mexico and wanted to share this new technology with my audience. 

The Cruise Genius:  Ann, it’s very nice to meet you! So tell me, what is your background?


Ana Laura Valencia:  I am an attorney and an expert in Forensic Document Examination originally from Mexico City.  For the past 11 years, I have been living in Cancun.  During this time, I have experienced the tremendous impact of tourism on the economy.


The Cruise Genius: What inspired you to tackle a project like bringing Telemedicine/Telehealth to Cancun.


Ana Laura Valencia: After years of international travel, I have occasionally needed medical attention. During these experiences, I became shocked at the difficulty of finding quality medical care.  Additionally, the cost of these consultations were expensive.  

My business partner and I were discussing new potential business ventures and we realized that our experiences were similar regarding medical care outside the United States.  After much discussion, we decided to build a disruptive healthcare alternative in Cancun.  

We believe that our technology and processes will provide a solution to expensive hotel doctors that make their patients wait hours and charge elevated prices.  Until now, the only other solution was a hospital emergency room visit.  Once again, the high prices, after hours charges, waiting time did not offer a better solution.


The Cruise Genius: Precisely, how does your medical consultations work?


Ana Laura Valencia: We provide 24/7 affordable, expedited, medical consultations.  Our focus as reflected in our name is telemedicine at the fixed price of $75.

However, for those who want or need an in-person consultation, we offer same day appointments at your home, hotel, resort, or Airbnb for $98.

Regardless of which option our patients chose, we never charge any additional charges, hidden fees, or after hours charges.  The only other charge is any necessary medication.  


The Cruise Genius: What makes your technology unique?


Ana Laura Valencia: Our physicians use the latest HIPAA compliant technology to conduct the medical consultations by Text, Audio, and Video.  Although we are a Mexican company, our goal is to comply with United States standards for privacy and security.


The Cruise Genius: What is your vision for Telemed Mexico?


Ana Laura Valencia: Our vision is to bring high quality, affordable healthcare, using telemedicine, to every city and puebla in Mexico.


The Cruise Genius: How can prospective patients access your technology?


Ana Laura Valencia: We are online at www.TelemedMX.com, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  I can be reached personally at:

AValencia@TelemedMX.com  or Info@TelemedMX.com

US Toll Free:  833-639-4638

MX Toll Free:  800-266-0295

WhatsApp:  +52-998-534-8800


If you’re traveling to Cancun in the near future, and you’re concerned about what would happen if you or a family member get sick, TeleMedMexico is your best option for peace of mind.

Check out the TeleMedMexico press release here: https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/newly-launched-telemed-mexico-provides-hipaa-compliant-medical-services-2022-05-30

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