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Accessible Travel Advocate

I’m honored to have earned the designation from the Special Needs Group as a Accessible Travel Advocate.

I recently completed a course to help me offer cruisers options to increase their mobility during their vacation.

My daughter Brittany has always had a special place in her heart for those with disabilities.

Lifeboat drill!

She is currently working for the Center for Independent Living in Winter Park, Fl.

“We believe the strength of a community comes from the inclusion of all of its people regardless of disability. If someone cannot access their community, they also cannot contribute to putting value into their community. One in five people in the United States have a disability, making it the largest minority population in the United States – and the world. Every single person (including you) is left with the reality that at any time, at any age, anyone can have a disability and have to relearn how to adapt to the world we live in.”

Everyone should have the opportunity to cruise to exotic ports of call and enjoy shore excursions.

During my cruise vacations, I always see people on motorized scooters and wheelchairs.

The crew always goes the extra mile to ensure all guests enjoy their cruise and they go above and beyond with folks who need an extra helping hand.

There are fully accessible cabins on ships that offer the space to fully maneuver a wheelchair and the showers are handicap friendly.

I’m glad that I now have a better understanding on how to help persons with disabilities to enjoy their cruise vacation.

If you, or a loved one is considering a cruise vacation, but you’re reluctant because of a disability, feel free to email me at slara1961@gmail.com.

I would be happy to share options for you to have a great cruise!

Click on the link below for more information about the Center for Independent Living.



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