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Scarlet Lady Cruise Ship Review 2023

Scott Lara, President of MilitaryFares.com

I had the opportunity to sail on the Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Nov 1-5, 2023 and it was a cruise experience unlike any other.

My brother in law and I drove 5 hours from Jacksonville, Fl to Miami anticipating a great adults only cruise. Speaking as a U.S. Navy veteran, I tend to keep an eye on the marine forecast to prepare myself for whatever weather may come up. Yeah, 17 foot seas and 30 mile an hour winds were on the horizon for our voyage.

I chose to park at Garage G right across from Terminal V at the Port of Miami. This great location is a very short walk away from the terminal! I always get nervous about shuttles running on time and dealing with slow poke people, so parking right next to the ship made perfect sense. $22 a day for that peace of mind was 100% worth it!

Terminal V was specifically built for Virgin Voyages and it’s been done right!

The key to boarding quickly was taking advantage of the Deep Blue Express program provided by Virgin Voyages!

I was able to email proof of my Platinum VIFP status with Carnival, and for good measure I also emailed proof of my 3 star Mariner status with Holland America line which earned my priority boarding on Scarlet Lady. To be honest, it was very nice to walk by hundreds of people in line outside the terminal while I whisked up the escalator to begin the boarding process!

As you probably know, you don’t get the traditional “card key” you’ve used on previous cruise lines. You get a wearable wristband that is used to open your cabin door and for purchases both on the ship and at the Bimini Beach Club.

My brother in law and I were assigned cabin 10198 on the Scarlet Lady. The location was absolutely perfect!

As you probably have already heard, tips are included in your Virgin Voyages fare, however, both my brother in law and I tipped our cabin steward the minute we saw her! I have always believed if you tip up front, you tend to get great service!

I enjoyed eating at The Test Kitchen, Pink Agave, Extra Virgin and especially everyone’s favorite, The Wake! I actually met talk show host and fellow Navy veteran Montel Williams and his wife at The Wake!

The Wake

This was the second time I visited the Beach Club at Bimini. The first time was on our Carnival Liberty cruise back in August. I will say that visiting while on Scarlet Lady was much better!

Bimini Beach Club

In conclusion, I had an amazing time on the Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady and I will be sailing on her, or one of her sister ships soon. When you consider adults-only, no tipping or added gratuities, amazing food, great music and atmosphere, Sir Richard Branson and his team nailed it!

If you would like to book a cruise, email me at scott@militaryfares.com.

The Galley Menu

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