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Sailing on the Carnival Elation!

The day has arrived, I’m sailing on the Carnival Elation today!

I realize that I’m extremely fortunate that I live only 15 minutes from the Jacksonville-based Carnival Elation!

It always amazes me that people travel hundreds, if not thousands of miles to sail on “my ship!”

With the recent 2.0 updates, the Carnival Elation is bigger and better than ever.

Click on the link below for details:


One of the best apps out there is the Carnival Hub app.

It’s important to download the app before you sail!

The app includes a cool countdown feature that you can post on your social media channels!

Be sure to access the ship’s wi-fi when you are on board and boom, the Fun Times can be accessed for free online.

You can select which activities you really want to attend as favorites so you don’t forget to go.

In addition, you can access your on board Sail and Sign account via the app to avoid a huge bill the day before you head back home!

Stay tuned to my blog, Twitter feed @scottlara1961 and Instagram for daily updates on my 5 day Carnival Elation cruise which includes stops at Half Moon Cay and Nassau.

I’m glad that Weather.com is calling for calm seas during our cruise!

Scott Lara, The Cruise Genius!



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