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Record 20 Million Passengers Recorded At Cancun Airport

TRS Coral
TRS Coral

Frequent readers of TheCruiseGenius.com know that over the last few years, I’ve been enjoying the amazing all-inclusive resorts of The Palladium Hotel Group. I’ve traveled to the Cancun airport many times, but be aware that TheCancunSun.com is reporting that a record 20 million passengers were recorded at the Cancun airport, and millions more will be arriving soon!


“Passenger traffic numbers at Cancun International Airport are soaring to new records aided by new route announcements and growing travel demand. With more flights planned to Cancun for the fall and winter season, by the end of the year, travel figures are expected to grow further.

Cancun International Airport is the main point of entry for the majority of the millions of tourists that have visited the Mexican Caribbean this year. Recently published statistics show that more than 20 million people have transited through Cancun’s airport between January and August. And with four months left in the year, that number is projected to climb significantly.

The reason behind the record-shattering number: more flights – especially from the critical U.S. and North American market – than ever before. There are at least 38 non-stop flights available from the United States to the popular resort destination.

Projections show that should the momentum continue, the airport is well on its way to reaching 26 million passengers by the end of the year, over a million more than its previous yearly record in 2019.  Cancun Airport saw a 13% increase in passenger numbers this year compared to the same period in 2019 when 17.7 million tourists walked through its gates.”

Here are my top tips if you plan on flying to Cancun soon

1. Book early!

Many people wait, think, pray, ask 1000 of their friends if they want to go also, and delay booking their flights until all the stars line up! If you want to go, book your flights! The longer you wait, you risk a price increase!

2. Fly on off-peak days!

Don’t think for minute if you fly to Cancun on a Friday or a Saturday that you will breeze through immigration! Even though Cancun has added more staff, Friday and Saturday flights are more costly and you won’t move quickly through the airport! I usually fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday to get the best prices on flights and less stress through the Cancun airport!

3. Fly the discount airlines

Spirit Airlines
TheCruiseGenius about to board a Spirit airlines flight

Granted, many people love Southwest Airlines because they use points for free flights, and you get two free bags. Since it’s a quick two hour non-stop flight from Orlando to Cancun, it works for me to fly on Frontier and Spirit and save some money.

4. Avoid layovers

When flying to Cancun in the past, I would jet out from the Jacksonville International Airport. The airport is only 15 minutes from my house and JIA is a great airport! The problem with doing that meant I had to fly to Baltimore (BWI) or Dallas Ft Worth (DFW) first before heading south to Cancun! It makes for a very long day of traveling if you have a layover, and time is the most precious asset I have.

Now I drive 2 hours from my house in Jacksonville, Fl. to the Orlando airport (MCO), park my car, and jump on a quick 2 hour, 15 minute non-stop flight to Cancun. I just checked Expedia.com and a flight from Orlando to Cancun, leaving Monday, Oct 3rd and returning on Monday, Oct 10th is $251 round trip! Granted, you will pay for a checked bag, but that’s an incredibly low price!

If you’re planning on flying to Cancun soon, please consider enjoying the Palladium Hotel Group resort! You can learn more by clicking on this link: https://www.palladiumhotelgroup.com/en

You can read the full story mentioned in this blog post by clicking on the link below:


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