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In Grand Turk on the MS Eurodam

Today is Monday, March 4th and we docked in Grand Turk this morning.

Back in Nov 2011 during our Thanksgiving cruise, the Eurodam wasn’t able to dock in Grand Turk due to bad weather. I was disappointed because Grand Turk is one of my favorite ports. You can’t beat the huge pool at the Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville and the free wi-fi!

The skies were cloudy and it was windy when we docked this a.m.

Marty and I walked over the Margaritaville and had a couple sodas while I did some work (blogging and real work that actually pays the bills!)

If you don’t get a great wi-fi signal at Margaritaville, walk over to the smoothie shop. They have great wi-fi there.

After returning to the ship around 11:30 a.m., we ate lunch on the Lido deck.

Shortly after lunch, Marty and I walked out to the back pool deck and I thought I recognized a familiar face from the past.

I said hello to crew member Glynda and shouted to Marty. Glynda was one of our favorite staff on our March 2012, 14 day Southern Caribbean Maasdam cruise!

Marty and I hugged Glynda and we quickly caught up with each other. That’s another reason why Marty and I love Holland America Line. We get to know the crew and it’s a great reunion when we see them on another cruise! Just like seeing Cruise Director JT, Hotel Manager Stan Kuppens, and so many other officers and crew of HAL, it’s great to see them again and again.

As we departed Grand Turk, I had the opportunity to interview Tommy Peters, CEO of the BB Kings Blues Club. Tommy mentioned there are 4 clubs on land, and Holland America Line just recently brought one of the bands to the MS Eurodam. Interestingly enough, the members of the band only met about 3 weeks ago and they are working together to bring some incredible entertainment to the Eurodam.

We all know that passengers turn in early on Holland America Line, but no longer. With the BB Kings Blues Club on board, guests are dancing until the wee morning hours. The band is eating up the excitement and giving it right back to the audience.

Marty and I will be dining in the incredible Pinnacle Grill tonight.

Talk to you on Tuesday during #cruisechat from San Juan.

Scott Lara, Scott Lara1961 on Twitter.


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