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How to stay thin while cruising.


I just read an article on Forbes.com about staying thin while cruising.

Here’s the deal, take the steps instead of using the elevator!

When Marty and I cruise, I usually eat 8 to 12 ice cream cones a day.

I eat between 3 to 4 Guy’s Burgers (Carnival) or Dive In Burgers (Holland America) a day.

Photo credit CruiseRadio.net

I love the Reuben sandwiches on Carnival!

I eat several desserts each night at dinner, but the key to me not gaining weight is going to the gym 30 minutes each day and taking the steps!

After dinner each night, I walk around the ship for 30 minutes.

I give credit to Wendy Townsend who was a fitness instructor on several of my Holland America cruises who gave me tips to staying fit along with my good friend Doug Parker of Cruise Radio.

In conclusion, don’t starve yourself on your cruise vacation, but keep active.

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