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Cruising during hurricane season

Many people are concerned about rough seas and winds during hurricane season.

Speaking as a Navy veteran who has sailed in 40 ft seas and 60 mile per hour winds, I’ve seen it first hand!

Here are my top tips for cruising during season

  1. Pick a larger cruise ship, like Icon of the Seas! Bigger ships handle the waves better!
  2. Get a cabin midship!
  3. Get a cabin on a lower deck!
  4. Limit alcohol consumption and greasy foods.
  5. Purchase Dramamine and Pepto before you sail.
  6. Don’t think about it!

Keep in mind that during hurricane season, kids are out of school.

Many parents take a vacation from being parents during cruises, so keep that in mind.

Yes, there are deals on cruises during hurricane season, but you will still have a good time if you prepare accordingly.

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President of MilitaryFares.com. Navy Veteran, Travel Agent, love to cruise!

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