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American busted at Cancun airport for carrying too much cash

TheCancunSun.com website is reporting, “A tourist from the U.S. was arrested this week at the Cancun International Airport for attempting to cross the border with too much undeclared cash. According to the report from the Mexican National Guard, he was carrying approximately 1.1 million pesos (around $60,000 USD) at the time of his arrest and was not able to prove where the funds came from.

“The man in question was scheduled to depart on a flight from Cancun headed for the international airport in Atlanta, Georgia. However, while at the lounge in the international departures terminal in Cancun, some of the airport staff detected through the airport baggage scanner what appeared to be packs of tickets inside the man’s luggage. He was then taken to the airport’s Mexican National Customs Agency for questioning. 

When first brought in for questioning, the man insisted that he was only traveling with approximately $25,000 USD on him at the time. The man then consented to a staff search of his backpack and its contents when asked by the officials at the Customs Agency.”

Keep in mind that you must declare over $10,000 in cash when transiting through the international border, whether it be by land, air, or sea.

Yeah, this guy might have hit it big in the casino, but why not get a cashiers check or wire the money back home? I don’t know too many people who want to carry that much cash, but this guy was willing to take the risk!

You can see the entire story by clicking on this link: https://thecancunsun.com/american-arrested-in-cancun-airport-for-having-too-much-cash/

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