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Airport Gate Changes can be costly

Don’t believe it!

If you’ve flown as much as I have, you can become complacent when jetting around the globe. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that airport gate changes can be costly and frustrating.

On a recent flight from Jacksonville (JIA) to Chicago, I arrived at JIA 2 hours early. I sat one gate away from the assigned gate where I could plug in to some power for my iPad and iPhone. Next thing you know, I look at my watch. I walk over to the assigned gate, and boom, my flight had already left! No announcements overhead, no texts, no nothing to alert me of the gate change!

Don’t leave without me!

After talking to the gate agent with tears in my eyes, she was able to get me on the next flight, but it was to Charolette instead of to Chicago. It’s a long story, but I eventually arrived in Chicago to attend a Cubs game, (yes, they won!) and to visit family over the weekend!

You may be asking, why do airports change the assigned gate?

Check it frequently!

There are several reasons why gate changes happen:

1. Your incoming flight arrives early and the gate that it’s supposed to arrive at is blocked by another aircraft that hasn’t departed yet.

2. Weather can play a big part in gate changes.

3. Aircraft malfunction. Your plane sitting at the gate may experience mechanical issues and can’t leave the gate! Next thing you know, you will be leaving from gate Z99, not gate A1!

Yeah, right!

The airlines will tell you to be sure to sign up for text alerts. In a perfect world, yes, this would be helpful, but don’t depend on text alerts!

In some airports, like in Chicago, you can find a dedicated area where you can talk to a live person face-to-face! Many times, the airline personnel will do their best to get you to your final destination, but don’t expect miracles.

I would like to thank American Airlines and their amazing employees for going above and beyond to help me during my recent Chicago trip.

Be sure to stay alert at the airport to ensure a gate change doesn’t ruin your day!

For your next cruise or all-inclusive vacation, email me at slara1961@gmail.com!

Also, check out this post from TripAdvisor about gate changes: https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g1-i10702-k8511323-Reminder_to_constantly_check_your_gate_number_at_airport-Air_Travel.html



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